Top 5 mobile banking solution companies in Vietnam

1. Innotech Vietnam:

Innotech Vietnam Corporation established in 2009, which is a reliable and high-quality software outsourcing company in Vietnam. The company sets its foundation upon established domains with the help of professional knowledge in technology and related ventures. INNOTECH Vietnam has skilled and experienced developers that create a solid foundation for the company’s development.

More than 200 projects have been completed, providing software development for many different customers in Vietnam, Japan, Australia. INNOTECH Vietnam endeavors to meet customer demand with guaranteed quality, so big banks such as ACB Bank, Tyme Bank, Commonwealth Bank, … trusted and used in mobile banking applications development provided by INNOTECH Vietnam.

2. Team4Solution:

Being founded in 2017, Team4Solution has developed to become a multinational company with the headquarter in Malaysia and different branches in Vietnam or India.

Team4solution focus on 70% of services related to web and mobile application development for many fields, such as banking and finance, real estate, online shopping, e-learning, or insurance and warehouse. With banking and finance, Team4soluotion is focusing on developing mobile banking solutions with many projects successfully.

With more than 150+ projects delivered successfully, Team4Solution is one of the most trustworthy IT Companies globally. The team has very good experience in all leading and latest technologies. Team4Solution has provided quality service to many clients and brought satisfaction to them.

3. Designveloper:

Designveloper is the leading software development company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, founded in early 2013 with a team of professional and enthusiastic Web developers, Mobile developers, UI/UX designers and VOIP experts.

Designveloper spends about 250000 hours of work with more than 50 happy clients. Mostly, Designveloper has successful projects related to IT, business services, and finance. In there, Designveloper focuses on web development, mobile banking application, UX/UI Design and VOIP.

At Designveloper, customer satisfaction is always our priority. Designveloper provides the best services with cutting edge technology. The tech stack is constantly evolving – Designveloper embraces new technology and Designveloper is always learning.

4. Siclo:

Siclo is a mobile application development company founded in Vietnam by experienced expats. Mr. Maxime and Mr. Eric (the founders) are both French engineers. They met 6 years ago in Vietnam while working in the same IT company.

Like other companies, Siclo also offers main services such as Web development (40%), mobile application development (40%) and UX/UI Design (20%). With mobile application development, Siclo is focusing on developing big projects about mobile banking in Viet Nam.

Most clients of Siclo come from startups, small and medium businesses, and even large corporations in different industries like IT, healthcare and medicine, advertising and marketing, business services and transportation.

5. Powergate software:

Over a decade of development, Powergate has become a well-known IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, especially famous for mobile banking application development

Powergate Software had many successful projects about website development and mobile application for fintech systems, healthcare, marketing or e-commerce.v.v

Such achievements and experience enable them to be globally trustworthy and professional with projects from Macau, the US, or Saudi Arabia.


Hope these suggestions can help so doing consult and choose the appropriate partner for you.!

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