This course is specifically designed to educate professionals about the practical aspects of blockchain technologies and how they impact enterprise supply chain operations.

This course will help enterprise executives who are familiar with supply chain processes but need guidance with leveraging that knowledge into a successful digital transformation program.

Similarly, consultants and software vendors will benefit tremendously from this course. This course will help them upskill their knowledge about blockchain’s underlying technology by learning how to identify which parts of their clients’ supply chains would benefit the most once digitized.

This course provides corporate executives, consultants, and software developers the necessary information to understand which parts of a supply chain can benefit from enterprise blockchain applications. The course content will cover, among others, these key topics:

  • The fundamentals of a supply chain.
  • How supply chain management creates value.
  • Enterprise Blockchains in the supply chain- use cases.
  • Implementing an enterprise blockchain program in your (client’s) supply chain.

101 Blockchains will equip you with not only the necessary technical knowledge but also prepare you for the real-world enterprise demands. This combination will make you the perfect candidate for corporate blockchain implementation.

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