Today, fintech is not a strange term for many people in banking and finance. In this article, we will introduce all you need to know about fintech – finance technology.

What is fintech?

Fintech or financial technology is defined as any technological innovation in financial services. Industry participants develop new technologies to disrupt traditional financial markets. Larger corporations are increasingly recognizing the need for software solutions. So, they turn to fintech to increase and improve their financial services.

Recently, fintech companies have been on the rise. According to statistics, in 2013 fintech was invested about 4 billion USD. By 2016 that number will increase to the US $ 20 billion. And, it’s expected to increase to 120 billion in 2020.

Who are the target groups of fintech?

A traditional financial market will consist of two parties: financial institutions (banks, investment, insurance, securities, financial companies, …) and customers. And, fintech will consist of 3 parties which keeping the interaction relationship:

Fintech company:

These are independent companies specializing in information technology, providing new products and services in finance. Customers of Fintech companies may also be end-users and may also be financial institutions.

Financial institution:

This is an important entity in the financial industry. Because of the importance of technology, institutions increasingly collaborate extensively with fintech companies. On the other hand, these institutions also directly invest in fintech companies or research activities. Since then, institutions have embraced new technology to dominate the market.


Customers are users of financial services products. In the fierce competition between institutions or companies, customers are the most benefits.

The main products that financial technology brings

Based on the target users, the products in fintech are divided into 2 different groups. Include:

Group 1:

It’s products for consumers. The goal is to improve the way individuals borrow, manage money and fund startups.

Group 2:

It’s back-office technology products. This product group supports the activities of financial institutions as well as fintech companies.

In fact, services are served such as lending, money transfer, payment, … Fintech also offers many more extensive services, such as peer to peer lending, crowdfunding, personal finance, data management, insurtech, crypto blockchain, …

Fintech Vietnam Start-up Map 2019 Fintech Vietnam Start-up Map 2019

What is the impact of Fintech?

Alter distribution channel and traditional financial products and services

Altering the traditional product distribution channel is the most prominent impact of Fintech. It’s created internet sales channels such as mobile Banking, tablet Banking, social networks, digital banking development, paperless process, … Fintech has changed the transaction method and distribution channel in traditional finance.

Provide diverse services to users

In addition, services are served such as payment, lending, money transfer, … Fintech also provides more extensive services such as peer to peer lending, crowdfunding, personal finance, data management, insurtech, crypto blockchain, etc. So, Fintech service can meet more and more customers’ needs.

Collect big data

Fintech technology applications can help collect and analyze large amounts of customer data. Through the collection of big data, financial bankers can reduce staffing costs and understand their customers better. At the same time, it helps improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Financial and banking activities are fast and economical

Fintech’s technology application can change the whole market structure, product structure and simplify human labor. The trend of “paperless banks” helps financial transactions to be quick, transparent and economical. In addition, it also ensures the safety and minimizes risks for customers.

Creating competitiveness through technological superiority

Today, Banks and financial companies compete hard to have customers. Fintech technology is the competitive advantage of banks. The leading unit of fintech technology application will achieve more success and profit. More and more banks start-up can compete with big players based on fintech technology advantages.

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